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The Mikron is equipped with our patented auto-closure device (ACD) and Comfo-Bite™ mouthpiece, plus a pneumatically-balanced second stage, you’re all set for a smooth, easy breathing experience for your next globe-trotting adventure. Coupled with the Outlaw going back to diving freedom with no pockets, no steel D-rings and a simple backpack. Its unique modular connector system provides the quickest and easiest way to customize for your most comfortable fit. This perfect travel set!



The Mikron Outlaw Hardgear Set consists of:

  • Outlaw BC
  • Mikron Regulator(Available in both DIN or Yoke/Int)
  • Mikron Octo

Mikron ACD Pack Outlaw Hardgear Set

R21 672,80 Regular Price
R17 338,24Sale Price
  • The figures in this guide are approximate, NOT absolute.




    Weight (lb)

    Waist Range

    Over the Shoulder

    Total Weight (lb/kg)

    Releasable Weight (lb/kg)

    Lift in Pounds

    Lift in Newtons

    Outlaw S 4'8-5'7 90-155 29-43 33-42 20/9 (Optional) 20/9 (Optional) 12/25 50/110
      M 5'7-6'0 150-210 32-48 40-49 20/9 (Optional) 20/9 (Optional) 12/25 50/110
      L 5'10-6'5 200-270 42-58 44-53 20/9 (Optional) 20/9 (Optional) 12/25 50/110


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